Train the Trainer report – Slovakia – January 2020

By February 3, 2020Publication
Since the last report in October 2019, nothing abnormal have happened as compared to the winter time the previous years, but still a lot of activities have been going on. There is an ongoing course organised by the university radio-club OM3KFF and increasing number of contest activities of the radio-club OM3KII.
The course is being very successful this year; many of the attendees are going to undertake exams in a few months. The attendees are also becoming more and more active and initiative in the ham-radio activities. They participated in YOTA December, which shows that during the course they got hold of particular skills to be able to handle pile-ups that are very usual when using our special callsign OM19YOTA. We are very happy about the number of the beginners that are continuing to show interest in ham-radio and hope that the course the next year will be even more successful.
Regarding YOTA December, youngsters were mostly active from the radio-clubs OM3KII and OM3KFF, there was only a few active solo youngsters for unknown reasons. However, all together we managed to make 2568 QSOs, which is a decent number considering the size of our country. December was a fun month, broadcasting from the radio-club stations brought together many friends and we also managed to record moments where during contests there were only youngsters present on the station. This showed the beauty of youngsters guiding youngsters.
73 de OM1DP

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