Train the Trainer report – Lithuania – October 2019

By October 15, 2019Train the trainer


  • Organisation of “Jurskio memorialas” a competition for young hams and people interested in the hobby to try out various ham radio related tasks. Tasks include: Soldering, Fox hunting, SWL competition, short VHF contest and a test to test your knowledge of things every ham should know. At the end of the competition, participants got awarded with cup trophies and diplomas.
  • Invited several students to join Kaunas Technology University radio sport group, and there seems to be more that wish to join. Some already had the chance to participate in local HF contests, try out fox hunting and do some soldering.
  • 2 New DMR hotspots got installed and more seem to be on the way. We also got a lot more people interested in DMR, we have about 10 new DMR users in Lithuania even though older hams despise it.
  • Some major contests in Lithuania started to include youngster categories with separate prizes to encourage more youngsters to participate in local contests and not to be scared of more experienced hams.


  1. Help organise JOTA-JOTI event at Kaunas Technology University and do some QSO’s from University’s radio club with other scout stations.
  2. Install another DMR hotspot in Kaunas city to further increase the coverage and try to encourage more amateurs to use DMR radio.
  3. Finish installing the new 70cm repeater in the capital city Vilnius that has been graciously donated by several local hams.


  1. Fully rebuild previously dismantled Kaunas Technology University radio sport station (LY7A) with the help of the University and club members.
  2. Continue making people interested in ham radio


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