Train the Trainer report – Lithuania – October 2018

By November 1, 2018Train the trainer


  • On 14th of October, 2018 a on site competition called “Prof. A. Jurskio memorialas – 2018“
    organized by the Kaunas University of Technology radio club for youngsters of several age
    groups took place in Kaunas, testing youngsters knowledge, ability to assemble a kit, SWL
    contest, ARDF contest, VHF contest all in one event. Over 10 youngsters participated and
    competed against each other, winning prizes and gaining experience. One of the camp
    participants Linas LY5BT has assisted in organizing the event, building connections with the
    participants and organizers.
  •  Participant of YOTA 2018 Haroldas Lapinskas, who got his exam done in ZS was licenced in
    Lithuania as LY5IM. Haroldas is now actively working together with a local science-themed
    entertainment show “Mokslo sriuba” and Vilnius university radio club in order to launch their own
    amateur radio high-altitude balloon experiment.
  •  Barbora LY1KB, who attended YOTA camp in 2017 is actively working towards integrating the
    hobby into the Scouting community in Lithuania. She has made a cartoon educational video for
    scouts about our hobby. The video will also be released in English.
  •  Simas LY3EU has built a 2m APRS digipeater/iGate in his area to extend practically non-existent
    APRS coverage in Lithuania.
  •  A public presentation about YOTA 2018 was done at the Lithuanian Amateur radio society and
    streamed live on facebook.
  • – online Amateur Radio manual in Lithuanian and English is was
    opened for public, released by Domantas LY1JA



  1.  21st October 2018 – JOTA-JOTI Scouting event. 80m-10m HF station will be active;
  2. Release of educational cartoon about Amateur Radio.
  3.  Further work towards LY high altitude amateur radio balloon experiment.
  4. Youngsters only operation in CQWW SSB contest (station and participants not clear yet)


  1. Further improvements on Amateur Radio manual site to make it international guide to amateur
  2.  Lihuanian amateur radio society youth committee expansion, participation in amateur radio
    related activities.
  3. Design of memorable apparel and stickers to give exposure to amateur radio and the hobbyists
  4.  Connecting Lithuanian amateur clubs into one single network: having synchronised calendar of
    upcoming activities, creating a discussion thread online, hosting all-club summit.


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