Train the Trainer report – Lithuania – May 2019

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Train the Trainer report

14 February 2019

ACTIVITIES SINCE 14th OF February 2019

  • ●  Lukas LY1LB and Haroldas LY5IM visited Vilnius Radvilų gymnasium and spoke about the activities of ham radio and how to become a radio amateur. Presentation about YOTA activities was also made, alongside the project of ARISS contact. The students had a hands on experience with a HF radio which was set up in the classroom. Photos can be found on Lithuanian amateur radio society facebook page. [1].
  • ●  Vilnius University club is continuing to grow. As of last month we have a new club member – Lukas LY1PG. The club will begin more HF operations as a new antenna was obtained – we have bought a new 3 element tri-bander yagi for 20/15/10m.
  • ●  An animated video about Amateur Radio hobby was released in Lithuanian on one of the most known educational channels in Lithuania [2].
  • ●  Amateur Radio Direction Finding has been regularly cultivated with at least one activity a week, every month. All of these ARDF meetings/trainings have been public and announced to a wide audience, frequently bringing new people who might eventually get in the hobby themselves.
  • ●  Simonas Kareiva has presented the amateur radio hobby to a large audience on prime-time evening hours of a major radio station “Radiocentras”
  • ●  The high-altitude balloon project, Amateur Radio manual are currently pending as per high work and study load to the participants.


  1. Continue working with new interested people;
  2. Further work towards LY high altitude amateur radio balloon experiment;
  3. ARDF activities. [3]


  1. Amateur Radio manual site to make it international guide to amateur radio;
  2. Lithuanian amateur radio society youth committee expansion, participation in

    amateur radio related activities – the yearly meeting will take place this March,

    suggestion for youth committee have been already proposed;

  3. Design of memorable apparel and stickers to give exposure to amateur radio and

    the hobbyists themselves;

  4. Connecting Lithuanian amateur clubs into one single network: having

    synchronised calendar of upcoming activities, creating a discussion thread online, hosting all-club summit;



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