Train the Trainer report – Lithuania – July 2020


  • Annual Lithuanian Cup contest took place just as it normally would. Although there were a lot more youngsters, compared to previous years, that worked on-site.
  • More hams finished their QO-100 set-ups and can now do QSOs.
  • New DMR hotspot in city Šiauliai that has many VHF/UHF/SHF loving radio amateurs.
  • Several groups of radio amateurs expressed their desire to organize local mini hamfests this summer.


  1. Make young people more aware of amateur radio by getting them to interact with it by hosting events directed at young people. We already have some events that require no knowledge of amateur radio to participate and you try out many ham radio activities. This could hopefully attract more youngsters into amateur radio hobby.
  2. Help hams or clubs obtain QO-100 set-ups. We can already see better equipment, designed for this purpose and at a lower price, emerge from the chinese market.
  3. Overcome some minor newly introduced station registration rules to allow for easier station operation.
  4. Make local amateur radio chat/email conference pages more youngster friendly and attempt to move to a more modern platform.


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