Train the Trainer report – Lithuania – February 2019

By February 18, 2019Train the trainer


Train the Trainer report

14 February 2019

ACTIVITIES SINCE 18th OF December 2018

  • ●  Haroldas LY5IM has been further working on the High-Altitude Balloon project. The website is being further developed (​​) .The balloon project has aired on national television alongside with LY5IM Haroldas, LY3FF Vilius and LY2EN Simonas Kareiva, telling more about the hobby of amateur radio itself . The video can be found at the ending of the report.
  • ●  Software and hardware for the baloon are being tested.
  • ●  Domantas, LY1JA has been developing Amateur radio manual for beginners.
  • ●  People of all backgrounds are periodically invited to participate in ARDF activities,however as it is winter, there were not that many volunteers. 10 new ARDF

    receivers are built to be available for newcomers for the next season.

  • ●  Vilnius University club members on a regular basis have brought interested peopleto the radio station in order to gain new people. As of last month we have a new

    club member – Gedas LY5GK.

  • ●  A news article featuring radio sport about Simas LY3EU was published [2].
  • ●  Simonas Kareiva has also presented the hobby during national LRT radio show„Ryto garsai“ [3], and LRT TV show “Savaitė“ [4]. During both occasions, the

    hobby was presented to a wide public.

  • ●  Over 1400 qsos were made during the YOTA activity month on air.PLANS FOR NEXT 2 MONTHS
  1. Continue working with new interested people;
  2. Further work towards LY high altitude amateur radio balloon experiment;
  3. As the weather gets warmer – start doing portable and ARDF activities (ARDFseason starts on 11th of Mar)


  1. Further improvements on Amateur Radio manual site to make it international guide to amateur radio;
  2. Lithuanian amateur radio society youth committee expansion, participation in amateur radio related activities – the yearly meeting will take place this March, suggestion for youth committee have been already proposed;
  3. Design of memorable apparel and stickers to give exposure to amateur radio and the hobbyists themselves;
  4. Connecting Lithuanian amateur clubs into one single network: having synchronised calendar of upcoming activities, creating a discussion thread online, hosting all-club summit;

Special question: When a youngster who has never before heard of amateur radio asks you what it is, how do you explain it in a few short sentences?

We had a few suggestions…:

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