Train the Trainer report – Lithuania – December 2018

By December 21, 2018Train the trainer


  • Haroldas LY5IM handles LKB project’s (our High-Altitude Baloon project) public relations:
  • Development of a new website and merchandise line (will go up in the next few days);
  • Revival of the Facebook feed on LKB activities;

Since our last report we are glad to expand more on LKB’s goals and accomplishments:

Our goal is to launch the first lithuanian-made circumnavigating high altitude balloon.

LKB project is progressing well:

  • Payload weight is being successfully reduced (now below 40g., still awaiting custom circuit board and optimising energy usage for a smaller quantity of batteries);
  • Expected balloon quantity and inflation has been accounted for, with many thanks to Hans Summers;
  • Software is currently in a debugging stage;
  • New social channels are being developed to show ourselves for more people and spread the information on benefits of such projects;

In summary, we have a clear goal of launching a lightweight circumnavigator as a stepping stone for further HAB projects and all of it  is nicely coming together.

Barbora, LY1KB, as of 20st of October 2018, conducted the JOTA-JOTI Scouting event where 80m-10m HF station was successfully active on air;

  • Domantas, LY1JA:
    • has configured and started operations of FT8 in Vilnius University radio club;
    • toured the club for VGTU aviation students and installed ADS-B rx station on club’s premises
    • together with potential ham’s has participated in winter ARDF events;
  • A new fully fledged youngster ham, Lukas Bartkus,
    • has retained his exams for B and A class licenses, receiving a call sign  LY1LB;
    • Connected local club repeater LY0RVN through echolink;
  • Furthermore LY1LB and LY5IM toured the VU radio club for Vilnius J. Basanavičiaus Gymnasium students, two of them found using baofeng radios for everyday chatter;
    • Thus both (LY1LB, LY5IM) provided information on public-usage frequencies as well as information on preparation for examination to attain ham licenses;
    • They still keep in touch (creation of two new ham’s is highly expected);
  • LY1LB and LY5IM have soldered proper outdoor wiring for a new HF antenna rotator as a part of preparations for the YOTA month;
  • LY1LB, LY5IM, LY5AT, LY1JA used the LY5YOTA call sign most frequently and among the club members, were the most active VU radio shack’s visitors during this YOTA month;


  1. Continue working with new interested people;
  2. Setting up proper SDR working station;
  3. Further work towards LY high altitude amateur radio balloon experiment;


  1. Further improvements on Amateur Radio manual site to make it international guide to amateur radio;
  2. Lithuanian amateur radio society youth committee expansion, participation in amateur radio related activities;
  3. Design of memorable apparel and stickers to give exposure to amateur radio and the hobbyists themselves;
  4. Connecting Lithuanian amateur clubs into one single network: having synchronised calendar of upcoming activities, creating a discussion thread online, hosting all-club summit;


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