Train the Trainer report – Hungary – October 2018

By November 2, 2018Train the trainer

Hungary Youth Activities

In the last 2 months since YOTA South Africa, we have primarily been working on the environment for successful youth license exams and we held preparing sessions in our society’s HQ.

There have already been ongoing discussions with the national authorities on more favourable conditions for beginners, as well as focusing on our society’s new leadership’s youth policies. We composed a 12-14 pages concise curriculum with a focus on operating skills and safety technics. It is fully coordinated with Media Authorities, therefore it could have been adopted as a full beginner license.

The new license consists of all HF bands, with at least 100 watts. It is also a recent achievement, adding adequate power levels to each license.

Most of the interested youngsters could not take the exams because of its difficulty yet, many have been rejected so it was a serious issue. Now, this October after a long weekend of preparations, on Monday 9 youngsters took the new beginner-level exam, 3 of them also sat a Morse Code exam. We expect this trend to continue.

Now we are putting together the team for the next December YOTA Month, activating 2 callsigns this year as well; HA6YOTA for experienced and HG0YOTA for supervised kids, with or without personal callsigns.

We are planning youth meetings during the winter holiday, at least 1 to operate together at a bigger station, possibly HG6N and improve the youngster’s skills. Members of this club have greatly contributed to youth activities, among some others.

There are some issues to care about yet, like keeping the youngsters active, and connected even if they live in rural areas all around in the country. December will be a good opportunity for this, as well as a possible countrywide or even regional YOTA camp. More work to come here, and we are finally reaching to a point, where we can see actual numbers.

73 de HA8RT

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