Train the Trainer report – Germany – October 2019

By October 15, 2019Train the trainer

TTT Report DL – October 19


This years YOTA Camp brought some (smaller) changes into the TTT work in DL. Main point is that the team has grown and now consist of this year’s DL Team, some Youngsters from previous YOTA Camps and the youth coordinators of the DARC.  Since we’re all scattered throughout DL we organize ourselves using a group chat or Skype calls. Until now we mainly spoke about new ideas and techniques we got through the camp and how we can continue and improve our work so far. More concretely, this consists of a general feedback from this year’s team on the youth work done so far, as a previously uninvolved person notices other aspects. We also compared and analyzed the differences between a bigger summer camp and a subregional camp to get each camp advantages. Hereby, we were able to benefit from the ideas of other countries which were gained by our team throughout the summer camp. This includes using other tools to organize the general work and plan upcoming events.

Besides that we realized that compared to other countries, our social media performance could be better since most of the youth nowadays uses it in everyday life. Constant uploads can help to stay interested in our hobby and additionally they can show youngsters new projects what they might want to check out as well. Nevertheless, to achieve this it is necessary to constantly keep up a performance on a regular basis. We therefore still have to find a way how we can do so and which kind of social media channels we want to use. Further we also need to make sure how to reconcile this with the GDPR, especially if it comes to pictures.

For the upcoming year, we still need to determine, if, how and in which way we are going to organize a youth camp again. The feedback we got from a youth camp like e.g. the Subregional camp or the ham camp during Friedrichshafen was consistently positive, however we could not observe much interest in other activities like the YOTA summer camp or the YouthContestingProgram YCP.

For the December Yota Month we just applied for the german DYM call. We hope to attract more youngsters this year and achieve a lot more QSOs. Furthermore we will have an activity map ready where youngsters can see stations throughout the country who are willing to open their place for the December month activity. Hereby we want to create a network throughout the German ham youth to get them on the air again.


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73 de YOTA team DL

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