Train the Trainer report – France – July 2020

As we all know is has been difficult to organize something or even to imagine the future.
News here are good, one of the F youngsters left France in January to study in South Korea, the others obtains degrees and achieved their studies.

Each youngsters enjoyed “on-air” time on their own (a bit sad by the way). I took part in the ARRL DX SSB from LX7I, then enjoyed the WPX SSB in 9A remotely from France and then I will have the opportunity for the second time to join HQ team during the upcoming IARU.

YOTA F activities are down, and for the next five years I really hope that we will have more and more young licenced in France. There will be events as each year to promote local clubstation and society where each youngsters will be present to promote their activity. There is also the science weeks (october) where we have at the local clubstation 4 days of presentation of the hobby to boys and girls (from 7 to 10 years old).

Next year as we should have organized that activity this year, we will try to meet during a week end, as well as taking part together in a contest, and being at the SummerCamp !

Something that I want to try is to make a couple of articles with fresh descriptions, pictures and explanations of what is hamradio and why there is still interest in this hobby even in the youth sphere – and then to diffuse them. We all saw too much articles where old ham get a place in press, with an ugly picture, where the journalist restitution of what said that guy about radio ever sound annoying.. So we will try to get this up!

For the rest with a little group it’s difficult to impulse something, find something new, try to get the rest involved or interested but, no worries that we will get that group running well !


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