Train the Trainer report – Finland – February 2019

By February 18, 2019Train the trainer

Here is our report no. 3. And pictures can be found here:

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Next two months won’t only make a big difference for young Finnish hams, but it will also be a step ahead for whole Nordic European amateur radio community! As we have mentioned before in December Train The Trainer report, we are organising a sub-regional YOTA-camp, NOTA (Nordics On The Air) In Finland.

The camp, which was held in Sweden last year, will happen in Southern Finland this April from 19th to 22nd. The Programme of the event will be similar to YOTA camps including, for example, beginner-friendly radio orienteering, working from OH2YOTA, popular intercultural evening and of course, sauna, the Finnish way of having conversations!

Even though the camp is mainly meant for Nordic youngsters, we also welcome people from everywhere else in Europe! Be quick, we have a limited amount of places for participants and the sign up closes on February 24!

In the next two months, Finnish youth will be represented in the spring event and biannual meeting of Finnish Amateur Radio League. As usual, youngsters will be taking part in the event as well as helping in organizing it. Also, amateur radio hobby will be advertised in a couple of fairs during the end of winter and spring. In later 2019, we will be organizing more camps to get the youngsters better into the community.

Biggest problems in getting new youngsters are usually in them, people just aren’t interested anymore or on the other hand don’t have either time or resources for the hobby. In Finland, we have a great experience in recruiting new people to the hobby. How we describe the hobby to a youngster goes something like this: Amateur radio is about being international, making contacts with other radio amateurs all over the world, and of course, making new friends. These are not the only things that this hobby has to offer, there is something for everyone!




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