Train the Trainer report – Estonia – December 2018

By January 1, 2019Train the trainer

The most recent activity from Estonia has been activating ES9YOTA callsign from various cities giving youngsters a chance to work other stations around the world. Not only usual everyday QSO’s but also getting experience on handling pile-ups. During the YOTA month, our biggest event was from ES5TV’s station where a group of youngsters (mostly from ES5 region) had the opportunity to participate in RTTY contest. Some of them made a QSO for the very first time.
Our plans for the next two months are to participate in 3 contests. One of them is NRAU-Baltic (which is Scandinavia+Baltic region oriented). NRAU contest have a certain Multi operator category, where at least half of the team has to be 20 years or younger. As of now we don’t have any long term plans.
We also have one new license – ES7GR (age 21).

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