Train the Trainer report – Czech Republic – January 2020

By February 3, 2020Publication

At the beginning of participating OK Team at YOTA summer camps, we always get great support from our member society –  CRC. Not only that, since 2017 we have had the Youth Committee and in April 2019 board of CRC co-opted two new members, participants in previous YOTA camps.

Recently we have organized weekend gatherings where we took part in the Yota December activity. It was two days and nights from 06.12. to 08.12.2019. It was in the Moravian part of the Czechia in Benešov near Boskovice. Finally, 6 licensed amateurs and 3 children took part. We’re cqing from the club station OK2R under OL19YOTA. The conditions weren’t the best and the number of 325 QSOs corresponded. It sums to the previous QSO made by single members to a total count of 2570 QSOs.

Thereafter we organized YOTA Subregional camp, we decided that we would like to focus on kids.  The situation in the Czech Republic is more or less the same ar in previous years. We focused a lot of our energy on youngsters but the results aren’t as we assumed. A lot of youngsters spending their time in the leisure technics’ clubs, however, afterward they don’t continue anymore. But with kids, it’s completely different. If you get them interested in the very begging of choosing how they want to spend their free time, they will continue then. So, for now, it’s the main of the topic of Youth Committee to get Kids On The Air.


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