Train the Trainer report – Czech Republic – December 2018

By December 21, 2018Train the trainer


Recently we have organized weekend gathering where we took part in the Yota December activity. It was two days and nights from 14.12. to 16.12.2018. It was in Scouts clubhouse in Rychnov nad Kneznou.

We used the callsign OL18YOTA and with one TS-850 and the Windom and vertical antenna we did 508 QSOs. It sums tfo the previous QSO made by single members to total count of 920 QSOs. The conditions were changing, but during Sunday noon we had very nice open on 40m where we made around 100 QSO in single pileup.

As we wanted to build the community not only bring the youngsters to the radio, we did various activities where youngsters could get to know each other. We played board games and prepared food on the indoor “campfire” as it was really cold outside.

We spend really pleasant and relaxing time together and everybody left to their home towns during Sunday afternoon.

Jindra OK1NOR, Honza OK1JD



There was a presentation about YOTA summer camp in my Gymnasium and Industrial school on December 18th. Fifteen people participated and  for most of them it was the first time when they heard about radio amateurs and their activities.

I told them everything we’ve experienced during YOTA, and explained that it’s not only for elderly people, how most of them thinks. I highlighted that there are much more youngsters than they could imagine. After that it was time for questions and a little speech about SOTA activities. This was done by the teacher Frantisek Stepan OK2VFS who is also HAM, he was helping me through all the afternoon.

Martina OK2YLQ


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