YOTA Summer Camp Bulgaria 2019 – Day 7

Saturday marked the day of departure, some participants had very early flights and already departed in the early morning, whilst others stayed at the hotel until the afternoon, waiting for their flights. All participants were sad to leave, surprised that the week had ended so quickly. Looking back at the last 6 days, the participants have learnt a lot, from the organisers and presenters as well as from each other. The summer camp is all about learning, but of course also many new friendships were made. YOTA connects youngsters from all over Region 1, from the very south of Africa to the very north of Europe, even youngsters from New Zealand joined the camp.

The camp was a great success thanks to the organisers, the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs, and all of the sponsors who supported the event.

The next big YOTA event coming up is December YOTA Month where each participating country will have special YOTA callsigns on the air, operated by youngsters all through the month of December. Furthermore there will be a subregional camp held in the Netherlands in the beginning of December. The summer camp will also be followed by many regional activities by the participants.

By connecting and teaching young hams, YOTA is helping to create the next generation of amateur radio, so that the hobby continues to grow. Youngsters like those who met in Sofia this week are the future of amateur radio!

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