Kit Building

By August 7, 2013YOTA Estonia 2013

Another great success workshop, it involved getting little electronic kits and building them.  This was done with the help of Juri and Ger EI4GXB.

The kits ranged in difficulty, from beginners to the more advanced, and the end result varied from steam engine sounds to stroboscopes to polarity checkers.  A lot of the kids have never held a soldering iron before and by the time they were finished practising, they were pros!

The kits themselves consisted of little components (resistors, capacitors, LED, transistors etc) which have to be placed on the circuit board and soldered into place.  Once everything was soldered together, the attaching of a 9v battery allowed the circuit to be tested, and more often than not these circuits needed to be fixed, which involved de-soldering (another learned skill) and fixed again.  This was fabulous and a great fun way to learn some new technical skills and the kids spent hours on these, even using their free time to finish their projects which they could take home.

The kits can be purchased on the internet or at your nearest electronic stores anywhere from €5 upwards.  A great little buy for the budding electronic enthusiast.

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