Introduction workshop

By August 6, 2013YOTA Estonia 2013

At the beginning of the week, all participants were asked to introduce themselves, tell people of their personal situation in relation to licenses etc and to set out their fears, expectations, and any ideas or special skills they can offer during the course of the event.  Once completed, these were read out and it appeared many of the participants were experiencing similar fears, with most of those surrounding the social aspect of the week as well as skills within the hobby and potential language barriers.  Many youngsters’ expectations were also alike, especially in relation to expanding their knowledge of the hobby in general, or learning extra skills in operating on the air.  They anticipated that the practical skills learned throughout the event would assist them personally in their own home environment.

A lot of youngsters set out the skills they would be happy to assist other people with, eg good operating, motivation etc and the purpose of this was to assist other participants who may require a friendly, helping hand for all sorts of different reasons.

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