International Youth Meeting HAM Radio Friedrichshafen

By July 1, 2015Publication

Last Saturday the International Youth Meeting was held during HAM Radio Friedrichshafen. This event was hosted by German Youth Coordinator Annette, DL6SAK, and Youth WG Chair Lisa, PA2LS.
In this file you will find the slides of the following presentations:
Introduction of the new Youth Contest Program (YCP) of IARU R1 – PA2LS
YCP at 9A1A and youth projects of 9A1BRZ – 9A9A and 9A5W
Differences between German and US American Youth Communities – DO7KAY
In the end an interesting discussion took place, which was started by Kay DO7KAY, pointing out differences between German and US radio amateurs. Kay received for a year ARRL’s QST Magazine. With this he had the chance to dig deeper in the background of US radio amateurs.
After that, one of the main topics was the difficulty of obtaining an amateur radio license. This seems to be a problem in several countries. Depending on fees, minimum age, location of examination, level of exam questions and learning material. The discussion on this topic will continue in the near future. When it is hard to obtain a license, we will never get many more young radio amateurs.

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