Intercultural evening

By August 6, 2013YOTA Estonia 2013

Every year in YOTA, an intercultural evening is held at the beginning of the week.

This is where each team bring some food, drink or delicacies from their home countries set up on tables in a big room, each country presenting their items and allowing other members sample them.  They also dress up their tables with flags, balloons, hats, necklaces etc making it look like a United Nations meeting!

Each team takes the floor and tells everyone what they have brought, and explains where it has come from in their country.

This evening is the best evening of YOTA as it allows everyone to mingle, to expand their taste buds and try a little of each new items.  It also allows people to get to know each other, and to swap QSL cards, flags, memorabilia, all of which shows the true spirit of the week – making new friends with similar interests from all sorts of backgrounds.  The buzz in the room at this event is spectacular and there is nothing like it.  A great evening and possibly the best of the week!

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