YOTA Summer Camp 2023 | Day 2 | 07.08.2023

This blog post is written by YOTA Team Finland

YOTA Summer Camp Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

As before, the day once again started with lectures, the subjects being:

High-Speed Telegraphy: Basically, receiving and transmitting morse at inhuman speeds, also being good practice for DXing. After this, we had lunch and went sightseeing in the city where the camp is held in. We got to see the beautiful city of Győr and hear amazing facts about the city told by a local. For example, we saw a citadel that was first constructed in the time of the Roman Empire and a house where Napoleon used to live! Also, we had a chance to taste the best Ice Cream in Győr, which ironically enough, was Italian Gelato. It was good though!

Győr sightseeing

After the sightseeing, we went for dinner and had an educational Train the Trainer -lecture. We have to learn to teach by being taught! The TTT session also had a couple of guest stars when first Mario EA1JAY presented us with the Spain subregional camp as a great example of what TTT can lead to. Last, but not least Leon DL3ON told us about his experiences at the YOTA Region 2 camp. It was nice to hear what kind of activities our friends in the Americas are doing!

Mario EA1JAY Presenting Spain subregional camp

After the lectures, many people could be found inside the camp station, where many great contacts were made. Someone had a successful satellite QSO on 70cm, and we captured some moon signals on 2m! We, unfortunately, didn’t have an amplifier, so TX wasn’t possible. Alex DL2ALY was kindly sharing his knowledge and teaching people about the wonders of satellites. The station was buzzing with life and the sounds of QSOs left and right and tales tell that some late-night operators were seen working up until the first hours of the next morning. Some people stayed outside enjoying the leftovers from the past days Intercultural evening

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