Energiser games

By August 7, 2013YOTA Estonia 2013

Before all workshops (usually in the morning and afternoon) we had energiser games.  These were set out by the host country (Estonia) with volunteered games from other teams including Finland, Croatia, Romania to name a few.  These games were usually very silly but great fun.  The purpose of the games was to get all participants involved, to feel at ease and to get to know the other teams or individuals.  Essentially they were for “ice-breaking” between people and to break away the shyness or awkwardness that is there when you meet new people for the first time.  Some of these energiser games made us laugh so much, and the silly actions made us look highly amusing.  The games had names like “Funky Chicken”, “Are you busy, Joe?” etc etc.  We also had a game where we were in a human knot, where we had to touch the leg of the persons near us until we fell, where we threw little balls one after the other in sequence until they dropped and so on.  Again, it was great fun and absolutely hilarious.

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