YOTA UK 2017

YOTA UK team member completes QRP Labs CW transceiver

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UK team member, Peter Barnes M0SWN, was the first YOTA 2017 participant to complete the QRP Labs CW transceiver kit. We created a short video to show him making a contact with GB17YOTA, the YOTA 2017 special event station, using his completed kit and the quarter wave vertical SOTA antenna he also made during the Youngsters on the Air summer camp. Take a look.

YOTA is this week in the UK, listen out for GB17YOTA

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80 Youngsters from 26 countries will be enjoying an exciting week in the UK. A week full of ham radio and making new international friends.

They are taking part in an interesting program, here a few highlights:
– Tuesday an ARISS contact with astronaut Paolo Nespoli
– Intercultural evening where everyone brings food from their home country
– Kit building
– SOTA activity
– Visit to London, Bletchley Park and Ofcom
– Operating the station GB17YOTA, in all kind of digital modes, CW and Phone
– All youngsters will be taking part in the UK foundation license exam

These daily diaries are giving a brief summary of the activities they have joined. Take a look.
Follow the youngsters on the RSGB and YOTA social media pages.

Ofcom excursion at YOTA UK

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During the week some of the YOTA 2017 participants will be visiting Ofcom’s Spectrum Management Centre in Baldock. With the ever-increasing demand for radio-based services, monitoring of the radio spectrum plays a vital role today in keeping the spectrum clean for authorised users, particularly the emergency services. It is also an essential and integral part of the spectrum management process, producing and evaluating data to aid spectrum managers in their day-to-day work. The radio monitoring station, located near Baldock in Hertfordshire is Ofcom’s “listening ear” on the radio spectrum.

ARISS confirmation

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We have confirmation from ARISS operations that a contact with astronaut Paulo Nespoli has been scheduled for the participants of YOTA 2017 on Tuesday, 8 August at 18:38UTC. This will be from the Columbus module of the ISS and will include live video from HamTV. Keep an eye on for updates on this and all the other activities that will be happening during YOTA 2017.

YOTA vlog #15 with Lisa PA2LS, overall YOTA coordinator

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With less than a week to go, our latest vlog features YOTA’s very own Lisa Leenders, PA2LS! As you know, Lisa is passionate about encouraging young people to enjoy amateur radio and she is looking forward to being part of another successful YOTA summer camp, this year in the UK… Take a look at this and all the other vlogs to remind you of the people you might meet at the event: