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Team changes to YOTA 2017

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There have been some changes to the teams attending YOTA 2017 – unfortunately the teams from EthiopiaBosnia and Slovenia are no longer able to attend, but Algeria has been added to the countries taking part and eight countries have been able to add team members.

The new UK team member is Martin Radulov, M0YRM, who has been licensed for two years and is interested both in the physics behind radio communications and construction.
He thinks his biggest achievement so far is making contacts via satellites using a yagi, pre-amplifier and duplexer he made for himself.

Who are your YOTA 2017 team members going to be?

YOTA UK Team at Friedrichshafen

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Some members of the UK YOTA Team will be at the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Exhibition, which takes place 14 to 17 July 2017. They will be there to receive the YOTA key and official YOTA flag from last year’s hosts from OeVSV. If you are attending Friedrichshafen this year, please make your way to the RSGB Stand on Saturday at 15:30 to say hello and see the handover.

YOTA UK 2017 spare places

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As two countries are no longer able to attend YOTA 2017, the other countries who are involved are being invited to nominate additional team members – there are six places to fill. If you’re a young radio amateur aged 15-25 and are free from 5-12 August 2017, contact your national amateur radio society if you’d like to apply or find out more.

Planned ISS contact from the Youth Camp

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What question would you ask an astronaut?

YOTA teams across the world have been invited to submit questions for the planned contact with the International Space Station during YOTA 2017.

Linking with the theme of the amateur radio event, questions should focus on communications – which can include amateur radio, cell phones, data links, satellites, etc. YOTA team members have been asked to try and think of questions no-one else has asked before!

We won’t know when the ISS contact will take place until one week before the event, but the plan is to have it streamed live over the internet so people everywhere will be able to watch the build up and the QSO.


9A1A YCP – CQ-Mir claimed scores are out

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Youngsters team from Croatia claimed World 1st in the CQ-Mir contest held in May. Now waiting for the final results. 🙂

Call QSO Pts Mult Total
1 . 9A1A 2704 5574 349 1945326
2 . UA4M 2681 5285 313 1654205
3 . UA4S 2674 5292 302 1598184
4 . RT4F 2715 5335 297 1584495
5 . RT5G 2062 3823 240 917520
6 . LZ7A 1639 3317 237 786129
7 . R5DC 1509 2942 226 664892
8 . RM1Q 1598 3195 207 661365
9 . RT4D 1406 2750 235 646250
10. UI9I 1500 3006 214 643284



RSGB YOTA 2017 vlog #10 GQRP Club, YOTA Super Supporter

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George Dobbs, G3RJV (Hon Secretary) and Graham Firth, G3MFJ (Hon Treasurer) explain why the GQRP Club is delighted to be a Super Supporter of YOTA 2017. Both are long-standing radio amateurs and very well-known in the radio amateur community. Graham says “We feel strongly about encouraging the younger folk to the hobby – and we support it when we can.” Great to see people of all ages supporting this youth event and even trying out a new form of communication to do so!

Other YOTA vlogs can be found here: http://rsgb.org/main/about-us/yota-2017/watch-our-vlogs/