Antenna Building

By August 9, 2013YOTA Estonia 2013

Another practical workshop that was a great hit with the kids.  We were given the opportunity to build our very own 3 element yagi antenna for 2m band.

This involved taking a length of plumbing pipe approx 1 metre in length for the boom, getting 3 plastic clips to which we would attach the elements.  The unusual thing about this antenna is that we were making the elements out of ordinary measuring tape cut into 3 different lengths from reflector to the director to the specifications given to us, attaching these to wooden strips and fixing to the plastic clip which connected to the boom.

We then drilled holes in the middle element to fix the hairpin match to (a little thin piece of wire) and we soldered these to the screws, to which we also connected the coax cable.

We tested the antenna on 2m and it worked perfectly, and only cost approximately €4 to make in total!

As some of the youngsters had never built an antenna before, or even knew what a yagi antenna consisted of, it was a great experience for them, and even better they got to bring the antenna home with them for their own use.

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