Visit to TU Eindhoven

One of the days we went with a bus to Holland, to visit the Technical University of Eindhoven. The radio amateurs, also known as PI4TUE, made an interesting program. In the morning we were received all together and the day was introduced by Martin PA3DSC.

The group were divided in three smaller groups. All groups were visiting separate different rooms with other speakers. One of the subjects was visiting the radio station which is located very high on the 13th floor of the building with a beautiful view over the city of Eindhoven. We had a small tour through the station of PI4TUE. Besides contesting from this location here is much more located. Like PI4AA, which broadcast every month on HF and VHF radio related subjects. Or the system of PSK mail where we also had a lecture about.

One of the other very interesting lectures where about Satellites, by Bertus PE1KUH. He told us about all kind of satellites, it didn’t happen that much to get everyone quiet for such a long time.

Rein PA0R told us about PSK Mail. It is fascinating to send for example e-mails without the use of internet but with the use of radio waves. More information about that is on

In the afternoon we went with the whole group to the EMC lab, had a tour over there which finished with a “show” of a Tesla Transformator.

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Lisa Leenders