Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – July 2020

In this edition of Train the Trainer, our aim was to get ideas for all the societies to use. Therefore the main questions were made in the way that the societies answering them would give as many ideas as possible, so other societies could benefit from them and make their own activities! Answering in this particular report are by representative(s) of team Lithuania

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Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – July 2020


  • Annual Lithuanian Cup contest took place just as it normally would. Although there were a lot more youngsters, compared to previous years, that worked on-site.
  • More hams finished their QO-100 set-ups and can now do QSOs.
  • New DMR hotspot in city Šiauliai that has many VHF/UHF/SHF loving radio amateurs.
  • Several groups of radio amateurs expressed their desire to organize local mini hamfests this summer.
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Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – January 2020

  • Kaunas Technology University radio club received new premises to expand and deploy new antennas.
  • New, more powerful DMR hotspot has been deployed in Vilnius to increase the coverage and more users have joined.
  • New 70cm repeater that was donated, has been installed in Vilnius.
  • Even more students joined the Kaunas Technology University radio club
  • New 2m WebSDR receiver in Vilnius
  • Station operation during december YOTA month


  1. Move Kaunas Technology University radio club to new premises.
  2. Finnish making the DMR hotspot for Kaunas by increasing TX power and providing better antennas.
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Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – October 2019


  • Organisation of “Jurskio memorialas” a competition for young hams and people interested in the hobby to try out various ham radio related tasks. Tasks include: Soldering, Fox hunting, SWL competition, short VHF contest and a test to test your knowledge of things every ham should know. At the end of the competition, participants got awarded with cup trophies and diplomas.
  • Invited several students to join Kaunas Technology University radio sport group, and there seems to be more that wish to join. Some already had the chance to participate in local HF contests, Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – May 2019

  • ●  Lukas LY1LB and Haroldas LY5IM visited Vilnius Radvilų gymnasium and spoke about the activities of ham radio and how to become a radio amateur. Presentation about YOTA activities was also made, alongside the project of ARISS contact. The students had a hands on experience with a HF radio which was set up in the classroom. Photos can be found on Lithuanian amateur radio society facebook page. [1].
  • ●  Vilnius University club is continuing to grow. As of last month we have a new club member – Lukas LY1PG. The club will begin more HF operations as a new antenna was obtained – we have bought a new 3 element tri-bander yagi for 20/15/10m.
  • ●  An animated video about Amateur Radio hobby was released in Lithuanian on one of the most known educational channels in Lithuania [2].
  • ●  Amateur Radio Direction Finding has been regularly cultivated with at least one activity a week, every month. All of these ARDF meetings/trainings have been public and announced to a wide audience, frequently bringing new people who might eventually get in the hobby themselves.
  • ●  Simonas Kareiva has presented the amateur radio hobby to a large audience on prime-time evening hours of a major radio station “Radiocentras” Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – February 2019

    • ●  Haroldas LY5IM has been further working on the High-Altitude Balloon project. The website is being further developed (​​) .The balloon project has aired on national television alongside with LY5IM Haroldas, LY3FF Vilius and LY2EN Simonas Kareiva, telling more about the hobby of amateur radio itself . The video can be found at the ending of the report.
    • ●  Software and hardware for the baloon are being tested.
    • ●  Domantas, LY1JA has been developing Amateur radio manual for beginners.
    • ●  People of all backgrounds are periodically invited to participate in ARDF activities,however as it is winter, there were not that many volunteers. 10 new ARDFreceivers are built to be available for newcomers for the next season.
    • ●  Vilnius University club members on a regular basis have brought interested peopleto the radio station in order to gain new people. As of last month we have a newclub member – Gedas LY5GK.
    • ●  A news article featuring radio sport about Simas LY3EU was published [2]. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – December 2018

  • Haroldas LY5IM handles LKB project’s (our High-Altitude Baloon project) public relations:
  • Development of a new website and merchandise line (will go up in the next few days);
  • Revival of the Facebook feed on LKB activities;

Since our last report we are glad to expand more on LKB’s goals and accomplishments:

Our goal is to launch the first lithuanian-made circumnavigating high altitude balloon.

LKB project is progressing well:

  • Payload weight is being successfully reduced (now below 40g., still awaiting custom circuit board and optimising energy usage for a smaller quantity of batteries);  Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Lithuania – October 2018

  • On 14th of October, 2018 a on site competition called “Prof. A. Jurskio memorialas – 2018“
    organized by the Kaunas University of Technology radio club for youngsters of several age
    groups took place in Kaunas, testing youngsters knowledge, ability to assemble a kit, SWL
    contest, ARDF contest, VHF contest all in one event. Over 10 youngsters participated and
    competed against each other, winning prizes and gaining experience. One of the camp
    participants Linas LY5BT has assisted in organizing the event, building connections with the
    participants and organizers.
  •  Participant of YOTA 2018 Haroldas Lapinskas, who got his exam done in ZS was licenced in
    Lithuania as LY5IM. Haroldas is now actively working together with a local science-themed
    entertainment show “Mokslo sriuba” and Vilnius university radio club in order to launch their own
    amateur radio high-altitude balloon experiment. Read more