ARDF – Foxhunting

By August 10, 2013YOTA Estonia 2013

Another interesting item was ARDF (or Foxhunting).  This was held by Team Bulgaria, and took place in the park across the road, in the wooded area.  Foxhunting is where a transmitter (“fox”) sends out signals (alternating every minute for 5 minutes). The hunters use a directional finding antenna to hone in on the signal, and with this, a compass and an orienteering map, the hunters calculate the fox coordinates and run to that location.  Once the fox is found, they use a little chip on their hand which logs the time the fox was found by them and they begin to listen for the next transmission.

This is a great activity, and although can be used as a leisure activity, there is a competitive side to it.  The Bulgarian ladies are part of Team Bulgaria in this regard and describe this event as being very difficult at times, as the terrain can be tiring and having to run over the course of the competition can have its impact.

But it was a great, fun experience for those that have never had a chance to participate in this kind of event, with the youngsters listening to the signal and taking part in their own “mini-foxhunt”, and getting a sense of what this entails.  Again, a great fun activity.

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