Train the Trainer Report – Czech Republic – April 2021

In this edition of Train the Trainer, our aim was to get ideas for all the societies to use. Therefore the main questions were made in the way that the societies answering them would give as many ideas as possible, so other societies could benefit from them and make their own activities! Answering in this particular report are by representative(s) of team Czech Republic

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Train the Trainer Report – Czech Republic – January 2021

Beginning from 2021 there are some changes to Train the Trainer reports. The biggest of them being that the participating countries are from now on asked direct questions in order to make answering the report easier. The answers in this particular report are from member(s) of YOTA team Czech Republic

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Train the Trainer Report -Czech Republic – January 2020

At the beginning of participating OK Team at YOTA summer camps, we always get great support from our member society –  CRC. Not only that, since 2017 we have had the Youth Committee and in April 2019 board of CRC co-opted two new members, participants in previous YOTA camps.

Recently we have organized weekend gatherings where we took part in the Yota December activity. It was two days and nights from 06.12. to 08.12.2019. It was in the Moravian part of the Czechia in Benešov near Boskovice. Finally, 6 licensed amateurs and 3 children took part. We’re cqing from the club station OK2R under OL19YOTA. The conditions weren’t the best and the number of 325 QSOs corresponded. It sums to the previous QSO made by single members to a total count of 2570 QSOs. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Czech Republic – October 2019

Maker Faire Prague June 13th-14th Prague

Czech Radio Club took place in the biggest maker fair in the Czech Republic. Because of the large number of parents with children we decided to prepare games for youngsters together with the National Technic Museum. They had the opportunity to try out morse code or their task was to light up as many lightbulbs as possible using different circuits and other fun activities. At the fair we met two boys who are interested in and excited about HAM radio, we are still in contact with them. One of them has already done the license, the other wants to take the exam soon. 

Electro camp 1st-12th August 2019

As we already mentioned in past reports, Electro camps have been  held  Read more

Train the Trainer Report -Czech Republic – May 2019

Czech Republic Championship of Children and Youth in Radio Engineering

Recently in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Radio Club organised Championship in Radio Engineering. During the weekend, from 10.5 to 12.5.2019, had to 28 participants from all Czech Republic show their skills in Radio-Amateur Sport. Participants were separated into three categories: younger pupils (under 12 years old), older pupils (13-16 years old) and youth (17-19 years old). They competed in three disciplines: pass an expert test, make a competition product in time and introduce their own product.

After completing the last part of the competition, the participants went on a trip to Pustevny. That was the time to evaluate.

The prize was awarded to 9 participants from all categories. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Czech Republic – February 2019

During the winter we have some interesting contests in OK. So we were sure to take part in them. First was 2m Christmas contest where OL18YOTA made huge success by taking 4th place in Adult Multi category, Martina will tell you more. In February there is 2m/70cm QRP contest. Honza has really adventurous story from this contest. So keep reading.


Under a callsign OL18YOTA we took a part in the Christmas contest.
Contest was on 26th December, in two parts from 08.00 – 11.00 and 12.00 – 15.00 UTC.
With the ICOM IC-7600, TR 144 H, PA-800W and 2 x 10 el. Yagi antenna we did 204 QSOs. Best DX was DL1KFS with 838 km. This number of QSOs brought us the 4th place in the Multi category 144MHz. 
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Train the Trainer Report -Czech Republic – December 2018

Recently we have organized weekend gathering where we took part in the Yota December activity. It was two days and nights from 14.12. to 16.12.2018. It was in Scouts clubhouse in Rychnov nad Kneznou

We used the callsign OL18YOTA and with one TS-850 and the Windom and vertical antenna we did 508 QSOs. It sums tfo the previous QSO made by single members to total count of 920 QSOs. The conditions were changing, but during Sunday noon we had very nice open on 40m where we made around 100 QSO in single pileup.

As we wanted to build the community not only bring the youngsters to the radioRead more

Train the Trainer Report – Czech Republic – October 2018


In August 2018 we held Summer Electro Camp.  It´s camp for kids from 10 to 16 years. This year there were 45 members with interest in electrical engineering.  They did kit soldering, some theory of electric and also some outdoor games. So the week holds the summer vibes and fun spirit. The youngsters could learn about amateur radio. During the camp, they activated a club station OK2KET – locator JN78XW. They pulled the HF dipoles at 80, 40 and 20 m. Transceived on Icom 756 pro III. Kids participated in QRP race and SSB league (Czech-Slovak radio amateur contest in the 3,7 MHz band). Read more