Train the Trainer report – Team Spain – January 2021

Beginning from 2021 there are some changes to Train the Trainer reports. The biggest of them being that the participating countries are from now on asked direct questions in order to make answering the report easier. The answers in this particular report are from member(s) of YOTA team Spain

Read team Spain’s TTT 1/2021

Train the Trainer Report – Spain – January 2020

Hi everyone! Another TTT report from the YOTA EA Team.

During October we enjoyed being on the front page of the national ham radio magazine, which caused some movement in social media, talking about YOTA camp, and the recent announcement of the Youth Committee in Iberradio fair. We also started to give some shape to the December YOTA Month in EA, organizing the system to allow everyone to get on the air, without being the same station in the same mode/band. Also, requesting the 2 callsigns that were used during December: EF4YOTA and EG2YOTA. We also participated on the JOTA-JOTI with 2 callsigns: EG1JAM and EG2JAM. (Maybe more, those are the ones we’re aware of)

November had also great news in the magazine: Lucía (11 y/o) had just got her callsign (EA1FDO). Apart from that, we were finally prepared for the DYM with a lot of enthusiasm.

The results of the DYM are: 4732 QSO with EF4YOTA and 1185 QSO with EG2YOTA. We’re very proud as some kids could try Ham Radio, and one of them has recently passed the exam and is waiting for a callsign.

We’re preparing some surprises for this summer. If everything goes well, Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Spain – October 2019


First of all, we would like to tell about our experience at the YOTA camp in Bulgaria past August. Our team was composed by three members, for two of us it was the first time ever at a YOTA camp, and we really had a great experience that we would like to repeat (and we’ll try if next year it’s possible). The time in Bulgaria really helped all of us to understand, learn and share technical things and procedures on the radio amateur world. The TTT sessions helped us to share with others what we had been doing in Spain and what we were going to do and learn from the other teams too. These are only few reasons why we think the YOTA camps should continue to be held.

Second, we can by now tell that we’re getting ready for the December YOTA month, which we are expecting with enthusiasm. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Spain – December 2018

Recently we participate in the event “decmber yota month” with 3 callsigns, the ao1yota and  the eg2yota at the north of spain, and the ao5yota at the east,
The station ea2epu participate in an university event called ieee,
And we (ea8dem and me ea5ima) done a “conference” at the “iberradio” event in September 15th.
For our plans to 2 month:
Doing some ham-radio courses for new people interested in our hobby, in association with “asorapa”, an ham-radio club from district 1, “ea1rci”.
Four our plans to 6/12 month:Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Spain – October 2018

Our plan for the next 2 months is parcitipate at the yota month in public areas,  with friends,  etc.
And we are planing what to do for the nexts 6 to 12 months.
But are some ideas over the table,  meetings with university students, sota activities…
For try how to get new youngsters,  we are talking about it.  How ist the best way to do it here in spain.
For now at the yota month we will try to do it in public areas,  at universities,  with friends,  share in the social medias…
We make a group with the Spanish youngsters i cand find…  Now we can talk about the plans,  and we are talking about it.  Read more