Train the Trainer Report – Tunisia – July  2020

The July Train the Trainer reports focus on sharing ideas for activities, as well as organizing activities after covid.  Answers in this particular report are by the Youth Coordinator of Team Tunisia.

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Train the Trainer Report – Tunisia – July  2020

The Tunisian youngsters made a great video about their activities, you can watch it here:  Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Tunisia – October 2019

Although the Amateur Radio Community in Tunisia is quite small, the support we have for each other and the passion we share for the amateur radio hobby are great. Passion is the motive that keeps us working as much as we can for the futur of this hobby in Tunisia.
We, as ARAT team members, work as much as we can to spread the passion for Ham Radio through the different activities, projects and events that we work on to show to the world how fun and interesting Amateur radio can be. At the same time, ARAT members value team building to keep the Ham Radio community more of a family, the sharing of knowledge and experiences and the celebration of the achievements of every one of us no matter how small they are. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Tunisia – December 2018

In this two months of the train the trainer program we tried to focus on different events to be in touch with youth.


This year’s program was distinguished by its richness, abundance, and its diversity compared to previous years, and its integration to a certain extent, and was divided along the three mentioned days:

The first day program consisted of receiving participants, delivering words by the organisers, introducing the attendees to the program, and exposing them to the world of ham radio through a general and comprehensive workshop.Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Tunisia – October 2018

In this 2 month after the train the trainer the things we are

first, focusing in getting better at radio’s skills and knowledges because we are trainers so we need be good

second, month ago we done a meeting with ARAT president and membres we present our rapport of yota and from that day we started preparing for the joti jota it will be an event with many activites like foxhunting,robotic, constraction workshop…etc and this weekend u will be see the result

In the future we will prepare and event like radio day it will be a public event for normale people and we will be more focused on recruitment of universty student so when they became trainer they can help us a lot because we dont have many trainer in tunisia.

The problem for now are the equipment we don’t have it in tunisia… Read more