Train the Trainer Report – Slovakia – January 2020


Since the last report in October 2019, nothing abnormal have happened as compared to the winter time the previous years, but still a lot of activities have been going on. There is an ongoing course organised by the university radio-club OM3KFF and increasing number of contest activities of the radio-club OM3KII.
The course is being very successful this year; many of the attendees are going to undertake exams in a few months. The attendees are also becoming more and more active and initiative in the ham-radio activities. They participated in YOTA December, which shows that during the course they got hold of particular skills to be able to handle pile-ups that are very usual when using our special callsign OM19YOTA. We are very happy about the number of the beginners that are continuing to show interest in ham-radio and hope that the course the next year will be even more successful.
Regarding YOTA December, youngsters were mostly active from the radio-clubs OM3KII and OM3KFF, there was only a few active solo youngsters for unknown reasons Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Slovakia – October 2019

After the YOTA summer camp in Bulgaria, the participants were really excited to take part in the activities that motivate youngsters to get to know our beautiful hobby. Slovak amateur radio association (SARA) does not dispose of an established team that directly focuses on the youth, however there are people in SARA willing to dedicate their time to organise events and support projects that expose ham-radio to the adolescence. During September, radio-club OM3KFF attended the so called “Vedecký veľtrh” (scientific fair), where we explained what is our hobby about, to a quite big amount of people. This event is mostly aimed for people from primary and secondary schools, thus it was quite difficult to engage the kids for a longer period of time, where we could explain at least the basics and principles of making a QSO. However, we managed to interest some of the youngest Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Slovakia – July 2019

With warm weather, Radioclub OM3Kii involves youngsters in VHF/MW contesting more often. VHF Activity contest every month is a perfect opportunity to get kids behind mike, even the youngest ones.

In big contests, we are active on bands from 144 MHz up to 10 GHz that means 5 operating positions and lot of “time slots”. Young members get more and more chances to operate on 144 MHz and 432 MHz. It’s the best investment for the club with minimal affect to results as they are supervised and some are already as good as the older OPs. Without new blood we would easily had a lack of operators to cover all bands. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Slovakia – February 2019

Ham exams took place in February. Four students of our course gain courage and managed their Novice class. Another three members of OM3KFF upgraded themselves to Extra class. Now, we will have more time for practice and also we are going to start Morse code lessons.

We also use contests for training of beginners, mainly SSB and RTTY. We did part time easy operation in CQWW SSB, Mexico RTTY, CQ WPX RTTY. CQ 160m SSB, ARRL SSB and CQ WPX SSB are following soon.

I gathered participants for summer YOTA camp in Bulgaria who replied public call.  Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Slovakia – December 2018

At radioclub OM3KFF, we started course for beginners with on November 2018. We propagated it on Facebook (also paid ad),  CB discussion forum, hamradio webs. Facebook ad cost just few Euros and helped a lot. We got about 12 interested people on first meeting. Some of them had a different thoughts and quit early but 8 participants are still continuing. Few youngsters but mostly young adults (25-40). Course is on week basis and we try to put info and photos on our Facebook.
We are starting with general information, show of QSOs. Than theory – operation, laws, technics. Later practical SSB and digi contacts. We are expecting exams in spring and than hopefully continuing with morse training.  Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Slovakia – October 2018

University radioclub in Bratislava. We have good QTH (for HF) at student dormitory. Last 2-3 years were affected by reconstruction of dorm buildings so we had to release old rooms and built new club almost from scratch. Also lot of work on the antennas regarding to that.

We attended to youth science exhibition on September like last years. We showed HAM hobby to kids and wide public. As you see on photos, we built up HF antenna and bring radio with loud speaker so we can handle with noisy environment (and it really was). One operator was operating the radio (SSB, CW), another one was explaining. Also HF propagation, we had white board, markers, some printed materials, student’s book for exam…

Another show was handy, we repeat contact any time we needed, we had arranged buddy for that. Daring kids can do contact by their own. Analog and also DMR.  Read more