Train the Trainer Report – Estonia – July 2021

The July Train the Trainer reports focus on sharing ideas for activities, as well as organizing activities after covid.  Answers in this particular report are by the Youth Coordinator of Team Estonia.

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Train the Trainer Report – Estonia – October 2018

I believe that getting young people attracted to ham radio is quite a challenge in every single country. It is not that kids don’t like to experiment with new things, it’s just that Estonia overall is extremely IT oriented. It all started in late 90ies with government funded projects. The aim was to have special computer classes in every single school. That of course led to special computer classes that gave overall introduction to computers, software, programming etc. As it has been growing over the years it has been now adapted as mandatory class in every single school. So basically what we are creating is a lot of software developers from early ages. And this is something that kids actually like. Now the big question is how to take those enthusiasts and introduce them to ham radio?

What comes to licensing in Estonia it is quite simple and easy. We do have 3 different possible license classes from Rookie to Expert.  Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Estonia – December 2018

The main thing, that has been in our mind in Finland for the past two months has been December YOTA month. DYM-camp was held at the start of December, which we mentioned in our last Train The Trainer post. It was organized by the national youth board, Nuorisotiimi. The event is now in the past, and everything worked out very well. We had around 15 participants in the age range from 15 to 27. The main focus of the event was to help and encourage youngsters to a more versatile and active hobby. Over the weekend we also made over 5000 QSOs  Read more