Train the Trainer Report – Team Romania – October 2019

When the YO team returned from this year’s YOTA camp, the girls were very excited and eager to learn more and to help spread the word about this hobby. The HST world championships were approaching though and the first month was a bit of a slow burn because even though some people from the society (the ones who made it possible for the team to take part in YOTA this year) were interested in doing more and helping the youngsters do more, championships at the moment still take priority since they require quite a bit of funding. Still, right after the camp, the YO team wrote a report on their experience there which was posted on the society’s Facebook page and it was also published in the society’s magazine. The article covered all that was done during the week, how the girls felt about learning more and it had a positive tone and pictures – both taken by the participants and that were posted on the YOTA page.  Read more….