Train the Trainer Report – Netherlands – January 2020

On the 3rd of November 2019 it was the day of the radio amateur in the Netherlands. It took place in ‘de IJsselhallen in Zwolle. The day of the radio amateur is a big event and known by every radio amateur. There are multiple stands which look exactly like any other radio market. Next to that there were a lot of stands for information. YOTA also had one. A few youngsters stood with the stand, giving information about what YOTA is and how you can get in touch. Some youth magazines were also handed out.

The Dutch sub regional camp (Winter YOTA) was held from the 12th of December until the 15th. This weekend, youngsters from 10 different countries attended. Many of them discovered different new topics to the hobby. Also, many of them had the opportunity to make their first QSO on HF and UHF with the special callsign PA6YOTA. During this week, lectures and workshops were given and many youngsters got a new skill and knowledge which they can take home and share with the youngsters there. The blogs can be found on

During the YOTA December month, youngsters all over the Netherlands Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Netherlands – October 2019

The youngsters who participated during YOTA 2019, are planning a meeting with the youth committee of the VERON. Here we will sit together and see what kind of activities we can organize together. There are some ideas about activities with youngsters. During YOTA we had the idea to organize an ARDF day for youngsters, but this will be discussed during the meeting.


After coming back from Bulgaria, a report was written about the week itself. This article will be published in the Electron, the magazine of the Dutch society VERON.


We helped preparing for the Jota-Joti where in the midday kids under 16 came in to send on the 2-meter band and solder. In the evening, youngsters above 16 came in to work on the 70 cm and 80-meter band. The next day, the youngsters had a PMR treasure hunt and made connections on 2 meters and HF.

Next to that, preparations started for the day of the radio amateur which is held the first Saturday of November. Here the youngsters have their own stand on the youth square to show/talk to others about YOTA.


The Dutch sub regional camp (Winter YOTA) is also coming up. This is organized from the 12th of December until the 15th. Because this is in December, the call PA6YOTA will also be available for participants to use. The location is Oosterhout, which is close to Breda in the southern part of the Netherlands. During the week a lot of activities will be planned, like a treasure hunt, intercultural evening, lectures and workshops. Also during the weekend Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Netherlands – July 2019

While it takes too long for some youngsters that JOTA/JOTI take place in the 3th full week of October, scouts has initiate a summer camp round.

This year the event takes place at 10, 17, 24 and 31 July and 7, 14, 21, 28 August.

The Dutch round will be at 19:30 (local time), via the PI3UTR repeater.

Frequency is 145.575 MHz, CTCSS-tone 77Hz.

The European round will be at 20:30 (local time) and take place at 80 meter-band

Frequency is 3690 kHz ±QRM.


Last edition (15 June) of kids-day, we noticed that the radio bands were not very crowded with kids. I am very curious how this has been done in other countries and what has been promoted here.


The promotion of YOTA Bulgaria has resulted into a Dutch team.

We are very pleased that we can visit this event and look forward to meet other youngsters. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Netherlands – May 2019

Train the trainer – May 2019

This year, we have promoted Kids Day. An article was written in the club magazine Electron, edition of January.

From 15 to 17 March, a sub-regional camp was organized in Germany.

4 people from the Netherlands were present at this event. The visit of this camp is also summarized in an article for the club magazine Electron.

Also the sub-regional camp NOTA was visited by 1 Dutch member.

This year we will promote and try to participate to several activities, such as:

  • YOTA Bulgaria 2019
  • December YOTA month
  • Winter YOTA the Netherlands (12-12 / 15-12)
  • YCP (Youth Contest Program)

Another important activity this year is to meet youngsters and other people at the HAM radio convention 2019 (

On November 2nd, 2019, the 59th Ham Radio Convention will take place in The Netherlands. Organiser is VERON, the Dutch radio society. We have a youngsters place. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Netherlands – December 2018

In the month October we had promote JOTA-JOTI by visit 4 local groups, we have made pictures for an article in the monthly edition of Electron. (magazine of the VERON)

On 3 November we have met youngsters and other people at the Dutch day for amature radio (

This year we had a new location at the ijsselhallen in Zwolle.

Here we had a Jeugdplein (youth square).

At this youth square many children and youngster have made a home made project. (this is a buildkit from the JOTA-JOTI service group) You can find the kits on their website:

Also in the month November, VERON had published the Youth Electron. This is a special edition of the magazine of the monthly edition of Electron.

In this special Youth edition everything is written for youth and children. This edition seems very popular by the youth and children of JOTA-JOTI and at the youth square in Zwolle.   Read more