Train the Trainer Report – Great Britain – October 2018

  • Despite the short amount of time that has passed since our team was in South Africa for YOTA 2018, I feel that the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has made an appreciable amount of progress. The Youth Committee is now supporting the birth of two new university clubs: one in Cardiff University and a second at Bath University. Myself, Ben and Nathan, who are new to the Youth Committee, have been welcomed into our roles; with Ben organising the UK’s YOTA Month stations, and myself working with new University clubs. I think this shows great promise for the year to come, and the future of Amateur Radio in the UK.

Peter Barnes – MØSWN

What youth activities did you do since YOTA 2018?

I’ve continued my work at Swansea University, where I set up a new radio club last year. This year we attended the Fresher’s Fayre, where we had over 20 young people sign up to become a member of the club. We have since run a welcome nigth, a satellite tracking evening, and a workshop on building a local area network using point-to-point WiFi links. Read more

Train the Trainer Report – Great Britain – December 2018

YOTA Month
The UK has had another successful YOTA Month, with 14 different schools / institutions taking part. We estimate that roughly 300 young people have come into contact with our stations, which is a huge success.
National Radio Center
This year, the RSGB Youth Team met up at Bletchley Park, to run their own YOTA Month station. We made over 600 QSO’s and interacted with lots of young people who were visiting the museum, and attending the “Introduction to Amateur Radio” workshop.
Peter M0SWN has continued his work at Swansea University in getting students more involved with Amateur Radio. He is pleased to report that 7 of his members took the Foundation Exam in December, all of who passed. He has also been in contact with students from other universities, with the intention of helping them set up their own clubs.
YOTA 2018 Video:
The UK’s YOTA 2018 video is now live Read more