Youth activities I have done since yota:

  1. I have participated in jota joti with the scouts, this was a great event for the scouts to see what amateur radio is about I had tried to do some sstv but the conditions were fairly poor so I could not receive a clear transmission with the other scout group, this year’s joti jota was south Africa’s biggest jota with 42 scout stations and 14 scout stations which is an increase of 6 from last year
  2. I have been trying to build an end fed antenna so that once I have learnt how to I can assist others in the making of the end fed

Plans I have for the next 2 months:

  1. Finish the end fed
  2. Figure out how to create a sstv transmitter that captures images and the transmits them sothat I can receive them a little further away so I can do demonstrations of the encoding andthe transmissions
  3. Figure out how digital modes work and play around with that so that I can demonstrate thatas well to create some interest in the youth
  4. Design and 3d print a case or build one from aluminium extrusion for my qsx rig

Plans for a longer duration of time:

  1. Do some research on amplifiers
  2. Build a linier amplifier with my dad
  3. Have a look into band pass filters and get an estimate price for building one and costs forpurchasing one and then having a look at what works out best for the use during field days

and jota
4. Fixing my b25 rigs power supply so I can use it for radar or sota/lota activations


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