As previously mentioned, I did not know about this programme until today, so my report will be short.

I have unfortunately not done any youth activities in quite a while. Partly because I’m quite unexperienced myself and partly because of living far away from other amateurs. I hope to get tips from other youth coordinators on how to get people interested anyways.

We will have a common Nordics meeting in Finland in the beginning of November, which I hope will be very useful for exchanging information and getting contacts.

I hope I can get more Norwegian youth to join me for Nordics on the Air 2019. Before NOTA 2018 I tried using Facebook, but got no response. I’d be interested in knowing how others contact their youth and get people to respond.

I do not know how many youngsters that have been licensed since YOTA 2018, unfortunately.


LB4IH Trond

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