YOTA Italy 2015

76 Youngsters from over 23 countries will be active in Italy from 18 until 25 july 2015!


Marina Di Massa, Toscana, Italia

The Youngsters will be staying in Torre Marina, a hotel near the beach of Marina Di Massa.

Youngsters On The Air – Italy 2015

It’s already time for the 5th edition of the Youngsters On The Air summer event. In 2015 the youth radio camp will take place in Marina Di Massa (Toscana) in Italy.
In this week teams of young radio amateurs from several countries will be participating in all kind of amateur radio activities. Think about workshops, contesting and ARDF, we will try to show many aspects of the radio hobby. Off course you will also get the chance to learn about other cultures, in the famous intercultural evening you will get the chance to try food and drinks from all participating countries. As we go to Italy, we will also show you the country and Italian traditions.
This is just a little bit about what we are going to do in this event. It will be a great experience for all participants which they will never forget. To get a better feeling about this, have a look at the gallery from previous events.

Associazione Radioamatori Italiani

This year the Youngsters On The Air event is organized by the ARI (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani). The ARI is the Italian society member of the IARU and was founded in 1927 with Guglielmo Marconi as Honorary President.

Nowadays the ARI holds more than 15000 hams divided over almost 300 radioclubs (called Sezioni) spread all over the regions of Italy.

Italian callsigns are based on a call-area, the YOTA Camp will be on Tuscany, which is number 5. We requested the callsign II5YOTA (still a pending request). Is it a coincidence that this is the 5th edition of Youngsters On The Air?