YOTA Austria 2016 has ended

We would like to thank everyone who helped to support this event, sponsored us or had a QSO with OE2YOTA!


YOTA Austria 2016

Between July 16 and July 23, 114 youngsters were QRV with the callsign OE2YOTA!


DP6T Antenna Tower

The DP6T Contest Group is borrowing us their 40m mobile antenna tower!

Austria Logo

The time for the biggest YOTA camp ever has come closer and we are already very excited. We all agree, that it is vital for the future of Amateur Radio Service to attract and promote young operators into our societies.
This year the Austrian Amateur Radio Society OeVSV – celebrating its 90yrs anniversary – is hosting YOTA 2016 summer camp near Salzburg from 16.-23rd July 2016.
About 110 young ham operators in age between 15 to 25 years from 30 countries are invited to spend one week of holiday in Austrian mountains, having fun with Amateur Radio activities and practical workshops,
optimizing their skills in electronics and contesting, but also building bridges in international friendship of Amateur Radio Service and Ham Spirit.
In order to spread the seeds of this wonderful event to other regions, participants from America and Asia are expected for the first time, making this year’s summer camp in Austria a really worldwide event!
So in the name of the Austrian Amateur Radio family, the organizing team and IARU R1, we would like to welcome you to this event and are looking forward to get to know your personality, your ideas and passion for the future of Amateur Radio.


PDF Files of the workshops in Austria


Daily videos of the camp

Album: YOTA 2016


Daily images of the camp

Camp Information

A few of the scheduled activities

  • Foxhunting
  • Homebrew HF antenna
  • Homebrew VHF J-Pole antenna
  • HAMNET (2.4 & 5GHz)
  • Raspberry Pi
  •  Propagation in Ice Caves
  • APRS – more than GP
  • WSPR Beacons
  • Digital Voice (DV4Mini)
  • Intercultural Evening

Stay up-to-date, know what to expect!

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Wagrain is located south of SALZBURG (OE2), in the Austrian Alps.
At 900m above sea level it offers a number of attractions and activities such as hiking, mountain biking and rafting.
This beautiful location will be the scenary throughout the duration of the YOTA Camp in Austria.

Wagrain Map


A big thank you to the YOTA Austria sponsors


A token of gratitude for everyone that donated

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  • OE8MMK
  • OE7TWI
  • OE5AN
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  • OE2RPL
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  • OE2RXN
  • OE3SEU
  • IARU Members
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  • OE1KBC
  • DP6T
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  • Mader Peter
  • Dr. Ullmann Rainer
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