The YOTA group went to ON7LR which is also known as OT5A, the contest station. The area is an old stronghold place where there were a couple of massive castles surrounded by a big wall. Operating places were everywhere around the area let alone antennas! Some of them were on the top of the hill so they didn’t need high towers.

We had one YOTA station on the air from OT5A and it became quite popular. All the time one of us youngsters had a good pile-up to run!

In the afternoon we had an opportunity to find hidden foxes in surrounding forest. We managed to find them all in small groups which is of course more efficient as you have more eyes looking around! Some foxes were hidden in difficult places so we couldn’t find them easily, but nothing is impossible when fox receiver is in your hands. Every checkpoint transmitted one minute of different call sign in Morse code so it was possible to discern foxes from another.

During the sunset we had barbecued meal straight from the grill. That definitely was a nice way to end the day!