December YOTA Month 2016

The entire month of December several youngsters will become active with YOTA as suffix in the callsign. The idea for this is to show the amateur radio hobby to youth and to encourage youngsters to be active on the ham radio waves. Give a demonstration in a school or local club, gather together with your friends, grab a pizza and make some QSOs or enjoy a great pile-up. Let us all show this great hobby to the world! Feel free to make a QSO with the youngsters, they are happy to get some attention and exchange information. Licensed and unlicensed youth will be making QSOs, be aware this could be their first radio contact ever and give them a chance to experience a possible new hobby.

Participating Stations

3V8YOTA - Tunisia

Activity will mainly be during the weekends from 3V8SA, 3V8ST and 3V8CB radio club stations located around capital Tunis! We look forward to hearing you on the air soon!


7X2YOTA will be active during all december from the headquarters of Amateurs Radio Association (ARA) in Algiers.The youngsters who will be using the callsign are :Hichem Khalil ARROUDJ (7X2HK), Abdelhakim ALLAL (7X2UV) and Zoubir ALLAL (7X2ME). See y...

9A0YOTA - Croatia

Young ops from 9A1CIG club will operate under 9A0YOTA callsign from club\'s contest location, mostly during the weekends. HAMLETs will use FT2000, 2el beam for 14/21/28 and verticals for lower bands.

9A16YOTA - Croatia

The same as last year, we will be active from 9A1RBZ and 9A1A locations. More info about our activity will be published very soon. At least 20 young operators will take part in YOTA Month 2016. 73 to everyone and see you on the air.


A2YOTA - QTH Francistown BOTSWANA - Grid locator - KG38st -will be active during this coming December 2016 YOTA events. A2 will participate and be active on most of the HF bands including 10 / 15 / 20 / 40 and 80m with SSB voice. A2YOTA consist o...

ES9YOTA - Estonia

ES9YOTA will be on air from 3 to 4 stations across the country. We will cover all bands from 160 to 10 meters (WARC is questionable). Mainly SSB/CW but also RTTY. Digital modes are doubtful. Go catch them all!

HB9YOTA - Switzerland

We will be active from several interesting clubstations (e.g. HB9W, HB9O, HB9VC, ...) . More details will follow later

J62YOTA - Saint Lucia

Station: Yaesu Ft857D, Kenwood TS50, Icom 707 and Icom 706mkII. Antennae TH3 (3 Element tribander), G5RV, Dipoles, Buddipoles. We will be operating from the radio shack or also at times the beach. We will have the same young ladies on air. We are wor...

OD5RI/YOTA - Lebanon

The station will be active all the month of December using OD5RI/YOTA callsign. The QTH will be in a school, we will be using a kenwood transceiver Ts-440 and a dipole antenna and i hope i can made some contact via the satellite using a yaesu transce...

OE3YOTA - Austria

this will be the Headquarter Station of OeVSV - the Austrian Amateur Radio Society- that hosted this years YOTA camp in Wagrain to celebrate 90 years of OeVSV. Will be operated by young members under the supervision of Florian, OE3FTA (18) , active ...

OH2YOTA - Finland

OH2YOTA will be active on December from different stations. We will be active at least on CW and SSB .

ON4YOTA - Belgium

A look in the thoughts of ON2TD:I, Tommy Degrande (ON2TD) am too lazy to enter a station description. The website nerds will do that for me. :D Reply of the website nerds:Nope :-)

PA6YOTA - Netherlands

A number of youngsters will activate PA6YOTA during YOTA december month. The station will be on air from 4 to 31 december.

PD6YOTA - Netherlands

PD6YOTA will be operated by multiple youngsters spreaded across the Netherlands, The station will be operated from the first of december until the twenty eight of december.

SH9YOTA - Sweaden

the station will be activated by youngers and the youngers clubs in Sweaden